Steve says Hello Everybody!

I awoke this morning and much to my surprise found negativity directed at me. A most unfortunate thing. I've been here only for a couple days and have tried to spread positivity! not negativity. For that I do apologize. For being Steve, I do not and never will apologize.

1. I am not impersonating Ricky Henderson. Speaking in the third-person is not derivative. I am familiar with the David Cross bit, but I have not attempted to replicate it in any way. My comments are all my own. Sometimes they are jokes, but even then, they are sincere. I have attempted commenting on various Gawker sites before but found that I was insecure in doing so. I had to look within and confront my own insecurities to find a voice I felt comfortable with. It so happened that it was in the third-person, but unlike David Cross/Ricky Henderson I am not replicating a fake interview to garner a few laughs, I am merely, and truly speaking my mind. While I do make jokes from time to time, my main focus is making people smile or offering some advice when I think people might need it. I have no intention on making enemies, only friends, albeit of the internet variety. If I seem like a tired account after two-days, I apologize and hope that you give me the benefit of the doubt as well as a chance that I can become a valued member of the Gawker Media community.

2. What hurt the most was the comment that said I was 'Probably-not-Asian Steve.' To insist that questions my integrity as a human being and suggests that I may be using an Asian persona just for kicks. That hurts. A lot. I realize that you cannot know this but I am, in fact, Asian; South Korean, specifically. I was educated in America since I was a small child and have lived here (the USA) for over 30 years now. I have, what I would call, a fairly good grasp of the English language. Also, aside for a few Korean words I basically do not speak any other language than English. I would never, never co-opt another race only to make it part of a larger joke.


3. I ask you to either accept or reject Steve! I mean well at all times. I plan on continuing my comments on Gawker Media, but am having some doubts—which is why I stopped last time. I thought this new voice, one that I am comfortable with, would assist me in my goal to be a respected member of Gawker media. I have found that after only two-days I may have been wrong in that assertion. I am likely going to take the day off from commenting so that I can evaluate my approach and decide that if it is worthy to continue commenting or if that it is truly my time to call it quits.

4. Steve thanks you for reading and wants you to know that he's really a pretty chill dude!

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